Ever ask yourself where all the new sites are coming from? It seems like someone is cranking them out at a tremendous rate. Sure, there are sites like Berlin Casting, that seem like the product of an actual plan. And yes, there have always been new sites popping up, but lately it seems like the big programs are churning out sites as fast as they can.

Take Swap My Pop, Rump Slap, Foreskin Play, Hot Ass Rimming and Bareback Street. These sites are owned by the same folks, and they share the same models. The sites themselves are fairly generic and also are laid out exactly the same way. These are pretty impersonal sites, and while not everyone is looking to have a personal experience in a porn site, a few words about the models or the site would be nice. And these are not the only folks making sites like this - they're cropping up all over.

I also notice that often programs that whip out a bunch of sites tend not to update very often. The site owners aren't as involved with the content as someone like Corbin Fisher or Buzz West who actually shoot their own content, know the models and create the entire theme of the site. People who try to get sites out ther as fast as they can don't take pride in the sites they create as they aren't turned on by the content.


Some fairly recent sites are HD sites. Sites like High Def Twinks and High Def Gay Sex were brought out at the same time by the same company. Gay Sex Resort and Gay Solos were another fairly recent pair of HD video sites.


Don't get me wrong. There are some great new sites out there, owned and operated by people who care about the models, the content and their members. And I think the best thing about all the new sites popping up is that surfers always have something new to check out - and that's a good thing.

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