Sneaky Peek hidden cam and gay voyeur site

There's not many gay voyeur sites around for those who like to watch guys when they don't know they're being watched - not even well-done faked ones. Recently I ran across a site called Sneaky Peek, though, and it fits the bill perfectly. The first page has a video that sort of explains everything and shows the spycam being set up. The site shows us college-age guys going to the bathroom, in the locker room, showering, changing in fitting rooms and even at home in their bedrooms. The guys I see on Sneaky Peek are fit regular guys with regular guy bodies rather than pornstar or bodybuilder phyiques, and mostly with unshaved pubes. Sneaky Peek is for those who have wished they were invisible and watching as the guys came back to the gym after a workout, or toweled off after a shower, While I can't be sure whether the videos are real or staged, they sure give the experience of real hidden cam videos!

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