I really think that some of us humans pick up pheromones better than others through our smell senses. Perhaps it's all the perfumes and such we are told to use in order to be civilized that hide the real odours we find erotic. Personally, I don't like a man, or a person for that matter, who reeks like they've bathed in cologne. I like real smells. Nothing too nasty mind you, just natural aromas. These guys here are most obviously into sneakers and sox with a little bit of that worn in smell if you will. By clicking on "New pics" you'll be taken to some galleries of guys sniffing socks and sneakers. Not much nudity, but if this is your thing you may find it quite erotic. All are sporting type blokes who appear to be mostly of European persuasion. Shaved hair and sporting gear are the predominant profiles. If you're REALLY into this rather unique fetish, you can even buy or trade used socks and shoes with some of the guys. If smells are your thing you may have to nothing to lose by checking this site out.

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