Smut Dog Gebji

To be honest I don't really know who Smut Dog Gebji is, where he is from or what he is like, but I can tell you that he likes posting images of himself naked and/or showing off his dick and hairy ass, and we're glad of that. He's a slightly rounded, slightly chubby and slightly hairy man of the bear (or maybe cum) persuasion, and he goes in for self-submit, self-shot images. He wears harnesses and leather, he poses in underwear and he invites others to do the same. I just scrolled down his page and, after a while, was just about to wonder if there was anyone else in his world, when up came some images of other hairy guys and some smooth ones, too. There are comments from guys and as it's a Tumblr blog you can follow and then click around to follow others using this page as a portal into the blogs and posts of like-minded folk. But still, at the heart of these pages is our mate Gebji and his self-shot pics of himself, his hairy tummy and his meaty dick.

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