Smooth Uncut Euro Jock

When it cums to the smoother variety of Euro jock, Ennis Marley represents them in the most fantastic way! There is no doubt the Bel Ami cameras loved this well-hung, uncut hottie. Who wouldn't?! Ennis is a Libra and possesses very handsome sculpted facial features. To makes things even better, his dark eyes are all about the bedroom! The way they stare back at us with such sexual intensity, it's just about enough to make a guy lose his load on the spot! As our eyes move further south, we soak in a sensational, silky smooth, muscular physique. His tapering waste makes way for a very suckable, uncut dick, which I'm sure will leave most of you itching to see much more of Ennis. Look how that cock points straight up in the air, just waiting for a hungry mouth to clamp over top of it!

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