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It can be a lot of fun running a gay porn site. Southern Strokes has a house in the secluded backwoods of Georgia where they film horny studs from all over the South. When Skyelr arrived at the house, he barely got in the door before he was teasing the staff. He sat on the landing of the staircase and started rubbing his crotch. They quickly grabbed their cameras and let things roll from there.

Skyelr tells us that he's very submissive and has a thing for being bitten. If you want to make him your love slave, simply bite him behind his ears or nibble on his stomach. He'll be all yours.

Skyelr plays with his fat cock - and it's a beauty. And it wasn't long before he shot his first load. Southern Strokes had heard from one of the other guys that Skyelr had once jerked off 12 times in one day! So when most guys are spent after dumping a load, Skyelr just kept on going, and then, he let out another load that was bigger than the first!

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