Smooth frat boy

Dave is one hot and smooth frat boy and he's getting us hot with his new video clip over at Corbin Fisher. He's hot with a tight body, strong rounded shoulders, a trim waist, and a cute, tight butt. Dave has had sex with both girls and guys and has enjoy both. Alright Dave! You're going to go far in your Corbin Fisher education. I have a feeling that in the coming weeks we're going to see Dave getting a blowjob, sucking cock, fucking and getting fucked. In his interview, Dave talks about his first gay sex experience. It was with an openly gay guy who had no idea that Dave was even open to the idea of fucking with another guy. Can you imagine how exciting that would have been for the gay guy? I mean, we fantasize about guys all the time, but finding one who you thought there was never a chance he'd suck cock, that's hot! I'm going to enjoy watching Dave in the coming weeks, but for now, settle back and watch his jack off video. It's pretty sizzling and Dave's a passionate guy. He loves the feeling of his own body. He's not just a "pumping my dick in my hand" kind of guy. He's got a nice piece of meat and a healthy set of low hanging balls that help pump a creamy load right in the middle of his torso.

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