This is probably not the angle that most people first see Nicky Blacklock - but ya gotta love a guy who doesn't mind spreading his ass for the camera. Of course, that's probably easier to do because he's the only one in the room. The guys from You Love Jack gave Nicky a video camera, and he shot this video himself. As you can see, Nicky sure isn't shy about showing that sweet puckered hairy hole and his low hanging balls. In fact, he had a great time in front of the camera...

Nicky takes a close look at his TV to make sure that the video is recording, and this gives us a good look at his pierced nose and lip, his emo hairstyle and his very cute face.


Once Nicky gets warmed up, he can't wait to wrap one hand around his already-hard cock as he uses his other hand to tease his balls. You can see that this isn't just a posed pic - Nicky is really into it!


Nicky just keeps getting hornier. He loses all his inhibitions - and he didn't have many to start with - as he masturbates in front of the camera. Here's Nicky going wild as he gets closer and closer...


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