More free porn. We certainly are spoiled in this day and age you know. Seriously. For those of us over 40, we are aware of this fact all too well. When I was a horny young teen porn, was fairly hard to get a hold of. The good stuff anyway. There was PlayGirl and all that. However, that's a little too softcore for me. But with more sites like Smaq being erected by the 100's each day life just seems to get better and better. One of the things I like about Smaq is the amount of blogs and stories available for us to get all horned up over. The archive is quite large to say the least. Which would be par for the course as apparently as these guys boast as being the longest running gay resource site. Yes, you won't just find porn here guys. Looking to your left you'll see listings for " Bars, Clubs, & Discos", " Community & Resources", and

"HIV Resources" and a fair amount more. Smaq claim they've been around for some time and although the site isn't huge, I would imagine they have some good connections.

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