A huge black cock like Anthony's below is nice, but really, I don't know about you, but I'd get tired to taking that monster up my ass two or three times a week. When you're really horny and you're at the baths, or it's a Friday night and you're out cruising with the boys, a big cock does the trick just nicely. But for a regular fuck buddy, or even a husband, nothing beats a comfortably average cock. And I generally find that guys with medium-sized to small cocks make better lovers - they try harder. CJ here has a perfect cock, which I guess is why he's a Perfect Guyz. Just long enough so you know you're getting fucked with a deliciously plump cock head that's perfect to wrap your tongue around. And he's got a hot, little body, too. CJ is 5'8" and weight in a 165 pounds of muscle -- bulging biceps; round, sculpted shouders; hard pecs with huge nipples, a ripped six pack, and a round, smooth butt. And CJ is very good looking to boot. No, while Anthony's big black cock gets me salivating, CJ is the one that would keep me cumming back.

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