Small Cock

We're pretty focused on the size of a man's cock. And I blog a lot about big cocks; they're fun to look at and even more fun to fantasize about. But not everyone is obsessed with a big cock. Did you know that every day 1,292 people use a search engine to look for "small cock." That's astounding considering that everyday only 6,666 people are looking for "big cock." At the end of the day, a big cock is nice to look at and hot to fantasize about, but I really don't want to spend ten or fifteen minutes trying to relax my butt enough to take a 10-inch cock. I'd much rather put all that effort into enjoying a good fuck from an average-sized cock. And since I love sucking cock, I'd much rather suck a comfortably average sized or small cock for 30 minutes, than sucking a huge cock for only 10 minutes because my jaw feels like it's going to fall off. Andrew here is one of the guys at The Guy Site. He just joined them this week and he's jacking his small cock in a brand new video. He's also got a hot shower scene, too. So, small cock fans, enjoy!

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