Time for your topless physics lesson, courtesy of this ginger muscle bear. What a lovely man. As far as Klein bottles go, though, he neglects to point out that the object cannot actually be constructed in three dimensions, but is simply an approximation. Still, watching him trace the scarf edge and the bottle surface with his paw is a lovely exercise in maintaining simultaneous sexual and intellectual interest. So when you're on a date and a guy is boring you either sexually or intellectually, now you'll be able to tell the difference.

Because don't we all ultimately want both? Plus the spiritual connection? Okay, totally not. Some guys just want sex with the sound turned down and mind turned down and everything turned down. And they find their matches. But some of us want a guy with a smart cock and a hung brain. So all you muscle guys out there, share your science knowledge and political insight and everything brainiac about you. Smart doesn't erase sexy. It enhances it. Though from my point of view, and I'm kinda smart I hope, if a guy is dumb, that does erase his sexy to me. But don't tell him that!

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