Sleazy Faggots

You've got to love the title here; Sleazy Faggots. It more or less sums up what this Tumblr blog is about: 'The nastiest gay men and the things they do'. I could give you a list - OK then, I will: cops hosing down naked men, cops naked (apart from bits of uniform or a hat), cops fucking, cops being sucked (are you seeing a recurring theme here?) and then, oh, interracial guys, four black cocks exploding over a white ass, glory hole sex, more glory hole sex, bareback in the toilet. Hang on! There is just about everything from everyone here, and for everyone as well. The guy behind this blog seems to go through genres as quickly as the rest of us go through tissues. One minute he is fixating on cops and the next it's pissing. He's grabbing shots from all kinds of sites and posting them up. It is a true collector's blog, a place where our host simply posts what he's feeling like posting that day. So, whereas it may not be that sleazy at times - for example, two guys naked at a sweets counter - it is always pretty horny. And yes, there are some downright filthy chaps doing all kinds of extraordinary things, as well.

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