sleazy night out

Alex Brooks has had a long day at the office. He's worked well into the night, too. As he heads home, he stops by a club. He needs a release and he knows he'll get it here. He descends the stairs and enters a steamy and smokey club. Low beats are playing and most of the men are shirtless, standing around in couples, teasing and making out with one another. Alex is wearing his expensive suit and he slides his way through the bar, checking out the action. The guys are all checking out this executive. Alex stops in a doorway and watching for a few seconds as one guy fucks the other hard. Then Alex settles against he wall. Rio is right behind him. Rio saw Alex come in and followed him through the crowd. Without even asking Rio plants a wet, passionate kiss on Alex. Rio is wearing jeans and he's bare-chested. The two men kiss and Rio eventually squats down and fishes Alex's uncut cock out of his trousers. Rio blows Alex with guys all around them making out with one another. This is one of the dirtiest films I've ever seen from Men at Play. I'm not going to ruin it for you, I'm going to let you discover how it all pans out. Men at Play and UK Naked Men fans will see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. This is definitely a keeper!

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