sleazy outfit

Who knew a jockstrap could double as a back pocket? When you're looking for a place to put your shirt, the obvious strategy is to take your pants off and shove your shirt under the strap part of the jockstrap. It's genius! What's next, hanging your briefcase from your nipple rings?

I did see a guy at my gym with his phone tucked into his sock. He didn't have any room in his spandex workout shorts. They were full of dick and no underwear. And he had to have his phone with him during his workout in order to take "business" calls related to his body. Just saying.

If you think Mr. Sleazy here is cold, think again. It's amazing how warm the body gets when it's in motion. Now let's see him wear this to the grocery store. Some drunk guy in Alaska probably already has. Ironically, he was arrested for public indecency by a cop wearing the same outfit, except for a different cap, and a badge hanging from his police-issue nipple ring.

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