sleazy outfit

This is one of those outfits where you can go straight from the office to the gym to a night on the town. If the office, gym and town are each sleazier than a gay disco bathhouse in the Key West neighborhood of Amsterdam, San Francisco.

His outfit also has practical advantages, besides protecting his lower back. He has less laundry to do. Or should I say his devoted submissive roommate who begs to do his laundry for him has less laundry to do. Another advantage is that when he does wear pants they are always the newest fashion because his upper legs and ass tend to rip new pants after a couple of wearings so he always has to buy new ones.

And of course, another practical advantage is when you know you're going to be naked and everyone is looking at you, you work out that much harder. Here's hoping he needs a spotter when he does squats.

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