I didn't get to blog about Sleaze last week, I was on a big cock rant. Sleaze is a threesome sex video clip that was featured at Hot Barebacking. And this video has it all. It opens with this really hot, tattooed guy sucking his own cock. That would be Chris Neal. Now the interesting thing about Neal is that not only is he tattooed all over his body, but he's even sporting an inked cock. He's got two strips on the shaft of his cock and a heart on his cock head. Ouch! That must have stung. I've had a couple of tattoos done on my arm, and while I wouldn't say they hurt -- the sensation is more irritating than anything -- I'm fairly sure I wouldn't want to feel that on my cock. With his tattooed cock rock hard, Neal gets on all fours and takes a baseball bat up his ass. And it slides a lot further than one would expect is humanly possible. While he's getting his ass fucked with the bat, another guy slides under him for a hot 69 cock sucking session. With his ass warmed up, Neal and the other bottom get on all fours and face away from one another. The top in this scene grabs a huge double-headed dildo and fucks them both at the same time. From here the guys get into some cock sucking, ass fucking, and even some double penetration before everyone blows their load.

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