The more I surf the net and come across so many different sites, blogs and resources, the more I am convinced it really is a massive wealth of information. The term fetish these days describes so many different kinks and eroticisms, it can leave you to wonder if it's almost an obsolete term. How about hypnotism? Or rather fictional stories about guys under the control of their hypnotizer? It's quite a thought - pardon the pun. The idea of having complete reign of someone's elses mind and being able to manipulate them to do whatever you want them to. It's a very simple layout this site, and with only a few menu options, getting around isn't too tough at all. This is the message you read as soon as the main page opens up - "Are you ready to play a game? Let's pretend, just for a second, that encoded in this page somewhere is a mind-controlling mechanism and that as you read these words your mind is falling under it's control. It has controlled you in many ways since you started having these fantasies. Remember the first time you became aroused at the thought of another man and you thought, "this can't be me."" Sounds pretty trippy huh? Enter if you dare.

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