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Steven's a down-to-earth regular guy - when you see him walking down the street, everything about him says "normal". Yet the reason that Blake Mason did this shoot of Steven is because one of their members saw him in a porn DVD and thought he was so hot that he requested they do a shoot with him. And why, you may ask, does a porn site seek out a twink who seems to average? Because Steven may be a skinny average guy that most people wouldn't look at twice when they see him, but when he opens his pants, he's got a HUGE fucking dick - this twink is hung!

Steven is a bit shy in person at first, but once he gets warmed up, he pulls out 9 fat inches of cock and the way he plays with it shows that he's definitely done this on camera before!

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Steven could never be considered a hunk or a stud. Heck, he's on the thin side as a twink. Of course, that made it even more of a pleasant surprise when he unzips his fly and whips out that massive piece of meat!

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Some sites rely on camera angles to make cocks look big, but as you can see, it doesn't matter what angle you shoot Steven's dick from because no matter how you look at it, it's waaaay more than a mouthful.

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