Skinny Marine with a Big Dick Skinny Marine with a Big Dick

I'm guessing from the write-up on Corporal Anderson that he's a gay Marine. Before doing his jack-off video for All American Heroes, this slender and baby-faced Marine talked about the challenges of sharing a shower with the rest of his band and sometimes having to hide his erection.

My partner was in the military and has talked to me about that. He has said that they had ten minutes to get out of their bunks and shit, shower, and shave, so there's no time for modesty. If you got a morning pee-on, deal with it. But Coproral Anderson has a healthy piece of meat between his legs, not the biggest cock I've ever seen, but big enough to do some damage. I wonder if he ever caught any of his fellow Marines looking at him sideways.

Anderson takes off his shirt, but he just slides his camies down around his boots and jacks his meaty dick. He kneels and shows off his skinny ass and slides a couple of fingers into his smooth hole, then he's back to stroking. His low hangers pulling up close to his body, and finally he blows his jizz across his ripped abs.

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