Skinny Guy With Massive Cock

Friendly, masculine and slim are just a few adjectives to describe gay model Sky James on Hard Brit Lads. But he possesses a secret weapon that puts him head and shoulders above others. That would be his cock, which is monster huge.

Looking at Sky, you wouldn't think he has a big dick. With a background in dance and regular workouts, he maintains a very skinny physique. So it comes as a surprise to some that he is so well-endowed. But it comes in handy as his choice of position is top/versatile. Just to show how big his cock is, Sky gets naked. Right away you see how years of dancing has benefited his body. Smooth, lean and well-defined. But the cherry on top of this sundae has to be Sky's massive cock. Words cannot describe how big this thing is. Plus he is uncut, which must make him even twice as popular with the guys. Sky knows how to work it as he plays with his foreskin. Working the skin back and forth, while jacking off. Wanting to enjoy the feeling even more, Sky dabs some lube on the tip of his cock. Then he continues to jack off.

After awhile Sky stands up and begins to play for the camera. Being in an up-right position, it seems to make his cock look even bigger. Sky then goes back to the couch and begins to jerk-off again. He is close to ejaculating as his abs bulge in anticipation of cumming. In an instant a huge glob of white ejaculate squirts all over those six pack abs of his. It was a big load as cum also covers his hands. But Sky doesn't stop jacking off. He keeps going until the last drop comes out while hypnotically looking straight into the camera.

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