Tom Moore is a straight surfer who sent a video of him jacking off at home to the You Love Jack crew. Well, they couldn't wait to put it on their homemade porn video site. What they said they noticed the most about Tom was his long uncut cock and his almost smug attitude. They say he chuckles on the video as if to say he knows he's hot. Well, look at that dick of his - of COURSE he's smug. I'd be smug, too, if that incredibly long rod was mine.

And smug or not, you must admit that Tom looks like he's really having a great time as he goes to work stroking his massive meat pole in front of the video camera.


Once Tom loosens up a bit, he starts to have fun with the camera. He plays with it, shows off every way he can think of. He even throws his legs back to give us a good look at his straight unfucked asshole!


With his long uncut cock oiled up and his balls tight and full, Tom lets his enjoyment show. Some guys are nervous of the camera, but not Tom - he loves knowing that soon we'll all be watching him jerk that king-sized cock!


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