We see them everywhere. Skater Boys zipping past you on the sidewalk doing flips and tricks and all that jazz. Fred here is right into that stuff too. Of course, when CIRCLE JERK BOYS got a hold of him, he was doing a little more than just skating. Watch Fred get naked for us and show off his little skater bod. Ready?


Yeah, Freddie, show us those buns boy! Cute as hell. Mmm mmm. Don't you just want to grab that ass and show this straight boy what love is really all about? You know he'd love it too. Yes he would. And he'd keep cumming back for more and more and more....


Straight or not, you know if you got your mouth on that big boner, Fred would be moaning with sheer ecstacy. Love how he grips it hard and knows how to swell it all up with blood until the head is as crimson as the autumn harvest moon. Man, how I'd eat up that big prick and have him blow the back of my head off with his salty load.


Yeah, there we go. Shoot that wad Freddie boy. Perhaps I'll be able to sneak into the locker room later on and lap up all that straight boy jizz. I know, I'm a pig, aren't I? That's why I LOVE writing these blogs for ya all. Gets me off everytime! We all know the drill here. Head on over to CIRCLE JERK BOYS and see much much more of Fred and his other pals. Maybe they'll do some things that aren't so "straight". Now wouldn't that be something? Happy circle-jerking all!

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