Bentley Race are always running into really cute skaters down under. Aaron happened to be hanging around the street, skating with his friends, when they approached him about making a few bucks. When he learned he just had to take some clothes off and do what comes naturally, he jumped at the chance. Rumour has it he even had some fun with a big dildo as well. However, you'll have to head to Bentley Race in order to see that action. Today we just feature him on another Aussie rooftop showing off his luscious uncut cock along with his sweet body and ass.


Gee I sure would like to be that skateboard! He could sit on my face any day. No tan lines on this boy. I imagine with how hot it gets in Australia it isn't very hard to have an allover. Love how cute he looks in just his cap, knee pads, and shoes and socks.


How many of us wouldn't be on our knees ready to take that beautifully tanned dick down our throats? What a great shot. When the weather's good, so are the shots. Nothing beats the natural light of the midday sun to bring out the best angles during filming a young buck like Aaron.


The behind of a lean, healthy young man can really bring out the beast in us all. Aaron proudly displays his taut buttocks while looking down at the camera intently. Bentley Race keep getting better and better all the time. The skaters get cuter too. If that fine weather down under stays the same then I really can't see an end to their quality work any time soon.

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