As 2006 comes to a close and we welcome in 2007, I decided to take a look at a few new sites started during 2006 - new sites that got off to a great start with good content, a good theme and regular updates. Considering we review hundreds of sites each year, it's nice to see sites that are fresh and have something sexy and unique to offer. In 2006, sites that stood out for me were UK Naked Men, You Love Jack, Spunk Toons and Show Guys.

What stands out about these sites? Let's take a look.

UK Naked Men not only has thoughtful, easy to use navigation, they use a pro photographer to capture all sorts of solo and hardcore guys from all over the UK. For those who are tired of poorly lit livingroom couches or sites where most of the shoots take place in the same location, UK Naked Men is a breath of fresh air.

You Love Jack is a site with an interesting idea - they give the models video cameras and let them shoot their own videos. I like that. After seeing so many professional and amateur videos made by directors of every stamp, at last we get to see what the models want us to see. What makes these guys horny when they think about us watching them? It's a great idea and the site is not only very easy to navigate but is growing fast, going from 9 to 23 videos in fairly short period of time.

The handful of gay toon sites out there mostly offer the same plugin feeds and very few updates. Not so Spunk Toons. Spunk Toons includes both exclusive and non exclusive anime, hentai and rendered art that includes all sorts of fantasies, more regular updates than any toon site I've seen and has just hired a new exclusive artist to keep members happy. For toon lovers, I think Spunk Toons is definitely a site to keep an eye on this coming year.


Our last site to watch is Show Guys. Show Guys has regularly scheduled live shows, but what really stands out about them is their archived shows and their models. If you want to check out pornstars like Tom Southern and Michael Brandon in action that you haven't seen before, this is the place to do it. And there are plenty of horny amateurs, too. The archived shows are nice and long and come with high rez pics. Best of all, and it bears repeating, this site has variety and plenty of it.


That's our list of the sites from 2006 to keep an eye on. Expect good things from those sites, and plenty of guys with hard cocks in action. And of course we're looking forward to new porn sites with fresh ideas for 2007!

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