If you've ever joined any subscription websites, you know that most of them promise you the world to get you to pull out your credit card but only a small percentage of those sites actually come through on all their promises. Updates - which are why so many of us are willing to continue as members after the first month - are essential. After all, not many of us are ready to plunk down money month after month to see the same content over and over. We want to see new videos, new guys and new action! But so many sites try and fake it in so many ways.

First, though, let me give examples of some sites I feel updates enough to satisfy me. These sites, btw, all keep their promises to their members which is essential to a successful website.

At the top of my list is Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men. They deliver exactly what they claim on their join page - they update 3 times per week with new videos, at least one of which is hardcore. Every one is a full exclusive video and you can see the updates listed on their site, each of which shows the date it was added. And I must digress briefly - I like sites that show us all the dates the content was added because it lets us make an informed decision on whether to join their site based on the frequency and regularity of updates.

But for every Corbin Fisher out there, there are sites that either don't add new content that often or don't update at all. And then there's 2 more groups - sites that sort of exaggerate their updates to make it sound like they add more actual content than they do but do update.

I recently reviewed a site that claimed they updated twice a week, and in a way, I guess they did. But this isn't a way that would make me very happy if I had spent my money to join the site. They break each video into 3 - 7 clips, then add each clip as its own update. That mean it takes at least 3 updates - or a week an a half - for an entire scene to be added to their site and as much as 3 and a half weeks for the longer movies. I don't know about you, but one non-exclusive porn scene being added every 2 - 3 weeks isn't enough to keep me busy. I also don't consider a single clip from a full video to be an actual update.


Of course, there are a few sites with really good exclusive content that only update every 2 weeks. In that case, I guess it depends on the quality of the models and the content, and also whether I can find similar quality in the same porn niche elsewhere easily. Sometimes I have found these sites have enough to offer. Power Men updates twice a month, but their models are fucking awesome and I haven't found another site like this one. Also the videos are nice and long and there's a fair amount of variety so sometimes a less frequently updated site can still be a winner.

Then there are smaller or newer sites that add a full video once per week and the corresponding pic set on a different day the same week. A lot of these sites claim to update twice a week. They DO add content twice a week but personally I consider this one update, not two. If the content is good quality and what I want to see, I might find this enough - especially if there's a good description, preferably from the photographer or director.

And then there's the sites that just plain don't update. Some even have dates to show when the episodes were last added. One good thing about a site that doesn't update - if you join, long before your membership month is over, you know the site doesn't update and can enjoy what's there and then move on.

Luckily there are sites out there that make it easier to decide if they update enough. Two more sites are right up there at the top of my "enough updates" list. For those who aren't necessarily looking for exclusive, there's Gay Video Box. This site is the DVD archive site with the best quality I've seen and they now update every day with a full DVD. That means members get over an hour of fresh videos daily. And then there's Boy Fun Collection. They don't update as frequently but they add 8 exclusive twink movies every week plus even more photo sets.


A site has enough updates if it satisfies members but often only the site owner knows whether the members are happy so be sure and look for dates on the updates when you see a site that interests you. If the tour doesn't offer dates, check their exact claims or read a site review. Or you can revisit the site and see if the tour adds new episodes. But no matter how frequently a site adds new porn, the bottom line is that only you can decide how many updates is enough for you!

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