Muscular Man in Suit

When we first encounter Rick, he's sitting on a saddle straddling a bale of hay. He's wearing a full riding suit, complete with knee-high, leather riding boots, and he's holding a riding crop in his hand. The grey dress slacks are pulling tight across his thighs. He's good-looking, but still a little boyish looking. He's a young Czech man with beautiful, blue eyes and hot, kissable lips. And when he starts stripping out of his suit, that boyish innocence starts to disappear. When he pulls off his shirt he reveals the body of a rugged man - huge, round shoulders; hard pecs; thick, hairy forearms; and a ripped six-pack. He teases us by unzipping his pants and pulling out his big, uncut cock. Half of his shaft and his glistening crown are sticking out above his underwear. He gets completely naked, but puts those knee-high boots back on and remounts the saddle. Fuck, his hairy thighs look hot sticking out of the top of those boots. And when Rick steadies his hard, uncut cock with the riding crop, I just lose it. To top it all off, he's wearing black leather gloves. And wait until you see his ass.

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