Hey, now this is a very cool resource indeed. For everyone. Sex Information Network keeps us updated on all the latest internet porn news, and even beyond at times. You can register for free, and whenever you have any information you feel may be relevant to all of us who do so love our porn, you can post a blog and it will be live. How cool is that? Most blogs are closed off to everyone aside from the blogmasters themselves, so without having to set up your own blog, you can take part here and post away. There are some limits of course which you have to follow, however, if your updates are stuff that people want to hear, your entries will be shown. As far as what is already up at SIN20, the wealth of readable material is massive to say the least. Navigation is a breeze - just follow the main menu up top - and everything loads fast and is easy on the eyes. Keep in mind that this is a blog for everyone who loves porn. Whether your a porn webmaster, or just an avid fan with some news to share, SIN could be the place.

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