Holy cow what an amazing looking site! First of all, it's kind of strange getting in here. Regardless of what flag you choose to get in, you have to login. Thing is, the username and password are available right underneat the login link. LOL. Kind of different but at least you get in. Once in, you'll be amazed at the setup. If this site doesn't evoke all there is about BDSM, I don't know what does. The grafitti borders and dude standing right against the wall like he belongs there is so damn hot! By the way, the graffiti is your menu. So if you're looking for pics, click on "photo gallery" etc. I have to be honest and say that I lost count of the free images after 200. Astounding. Most are in black and white and thus really portray a much more darker dynamic for this fetish. BDSM always looks better in black and white, don't you think? I do. I must say that I'm blown away with how much effort was put into this site and it's only personal. Your slave webmaster certainly is Happy In Slavery and he proves it by the astounding work he put into this place. Please, please go have a look if BDSM is your thing. Fucking smoking!

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