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Last week I blogged about Silver-Haired Daddy Allen Silver. He's a real hot older man - ruggedly handsome, very hairy, amply hung with a furry ass. He's been a regular contributor of hot suck and fuck scenes over at Hot Older Male for a few years now, and there's nothing stopping this sexy daddy.

Allen Silver is back and Hot Older Male paired him up with Will Swagger, who's a bit of a daddy himself. Will is 42 years old and he's mostly smooth, but does have a small patch of fur in the middle of his chest. He's also got very furry armpits. He a handsome, square-jawed man with sexy blue eyes and a full beard, and he's hungry for cock.

Pornographers make me laugh sometimes. This scene opens up with the camera panning through San Francisco. It eventually settles on a busy street and focuses in on a sign that says, "No Cruising Zone." The camera pans down the pole holding the sign, and there's Will Swagger, leaning against it. He's definitely cruising. Allen Silver walks by, the two hook up, and walk off hand-in-hand to Silver's apartment for an afternoon fuck session.

And what a hot afternoon it was. These two men have chemistry that you can practically smell through the screen. They suck and fuck like dogs. At one point Will is lying back on a table and Allen is drilling his ass, then Allen picks Will up and holds him while standing - his stiff cock never left Will's ass in the maneuver - and then this silver daddy continues to bounce Will up and down on his cock. Fuck! That's a daddy! I wish I could find a man big enough to do that to me - but he'd have to be an 8-foot gargantuan, I'm a big guy! Oh well, those who can't do, watch. :)

Will ends up sitting on Allen's cock and riding it until he splatters his load all over Allen's hairy belly. Then Allen fucks Will some more until he's ready to spunk. He pulls out and with Will's load still clinging to his furry belly, Allen sprays his watery jizz load all over Will's chest and belly. What a hot fucking scene! Spring is coming guys, get out there cruising, maybe you'll find a hot silver daddy like Will did.

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