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I love Jake Gordon's cock. This hot, silver-haired daddy took his clothes off over at Hot Older Male recently and I'm just in love with his dick. When it comes to cocks, I really love guys who are showers. Sure, it's always a nice surprise to see a small, soft cock spring to life - who doesn't like seeing a 3-inch cock rising to eight strong and plump inches? But Jake has got that kind of cock that catches your attention and dares you to try and take it. It's long, meaty, and hangs heavily between his legs.

And I love the way it curves down - just slide under it and drop it in your mouth! And I noticed that even when hard, it's got a strong downward curve. Not surprisingly, Jake is a small man; he only stands 5'7" tall - why do the small guys always have the biggest cocks? He's 46 years old and keeps his hair cropped short. He's wearing a sexy salt 'n pepper beard, although there's more salt, which I never mind. And Jake has a lean and well-defined body. He's torso is covered with hair - he really is quite the sexy daddy.

Jake Gordon is featured in a solo gallery at Hot Older Male, but that's just the prelude. He's paired up with another silver-haired daddy named Vincent. (Sorry the site didn't have any photos of this pair sucking and fucking.) Jake gets on his knees and blows his buddy on the couch, and then, Vincent takes a slobber over Jake's huge cock. And finally, you'll be able to see Jake's long cock in action. He bends Vincent over and slides that huge cock home.

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