Shrine to the Soap Hunks is a website absolutely filled to the brim with hunks who have acted in Soap Operas. This is not a small list! What they do really well in this site is to give us some definite softcore candy. There are tons of great shirtless pictures under each actors' brief bios and performance listings, by show. Nor are these necessarily all from the shows themselves, from what I can gather. There are also a large number of videos, well worth watching and cherry-picked for our more pointed tastes, ahem. These guys are gorgeous, let's make that clear. Great-looking, half dressed, many solid and luscious underwear shots - and wearing nothing more - surrounded at times by girls and at others by other men. After all, no one figured these guys would be shy, did they? Honestly, this is a site loaded with eye candy of the celebrity order, and with a twist of raw acting emotionalism, contorted on-screen passions, lit up by excellent camera and photo work. The hunks in these listings are some of the hottest guys to grace the media - and we know it. We catch them here at their very best and we like it.

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