Shrine To The Soap Hunks is exactly what it says it is. There are no mysteries on this blog and that makes it even better, in a way. In fact, that it is done in such simple and elegant detail, it somehow makes it even more appealing in its simplicity. At the top of the home page, there are two scroll-down menus announcing 1) -the series name or 2)- the actor featured. With over 7,000 pictures and 175 videos - many new and updated regularly - this site is a virtual contemporary encyclopedia of hot men, all of whom have been featured at one point or another in a Soap Opera on American TV. The pictures and videos also range far from those shots taken merely from the soaps. There are tons of candid pictures at the beach or videos featuring these guys in other roles, either from television or just running on the beach. Many scrumptious shirtless vids and pictures grace the posts, along with the standard and equally intriguing swimming trunk pictures we all know and love. Superficial and modern, this is one of those candy sites made for looking and, honestly, not much more. The few interviews they have are good quality, overheard at other locations, and revealing for all that. That they are included is great because it fills out the picture of the stud just that much more.

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