Show Us Your Pits

Show Us Your Pits is a refreshing site with a fun and unique theme that is definitely fetish but not actually porn. Show Us Your Pits puts the focus on armpits as a photographer and assistant go up to guys on the street and offer them $20 to pull off their shirts and show off their armpits to the camera. Some of the guys are also caught on video, and they seem a bit flustered but willing to lift their arms to expose those hairy pits. You can read about the site owner and his own fetish by clicking the "About us" link at the bottom of the tour pages. And in case you're wondering if the folks from this site really ARE into armpits, I happen to have met one of them personally and yes - he really is into pits. Show Us Your Pits is his small and personal amateur pits site, but site members do get membership to Armpits, as well. Still, I must admit that I am a fan of the quirky and different, so even though there are tons of hardcore sites around, I get a big kick out of a site as original as Show Us Your Pits!

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