Show Me Yours

This is just the kind of image-led blog I love to check out on a Monday morning, or any morning really, but be careful if you are looking at Show Me Yours at work. It's full of sexy guys with big dicks. These are amateur men, photographing themselves in the mirror on their phones, then getting posted on long pages; pages long enough to hold their various amounts of inches. Actually, not all of the guys are big, you don't have to be well hung to get posted here, you simply need to have your own self-shot naked images out there for the blog-master to find. You can log in and leave comments, but the About page hasn't been set up so I'm not sure if you can actually submit your own images here. There's a long blogroll of links which will take you off to other, similar blogs and sets of images, so you can always use this one site as the starting place for a whole day of cock watching. Bottom line: cute and sexy amateur guys showing off their hard and soft dicks. You can't beat it really.

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