It's fair to say that a high number of porn addicts would state without hesitation that the best (or hopefully best) part of a porn scene is the cum shot(s). Sure, seeing what leads up to it can be even hotter, but ultimately, men are all about the jizz, whether it's dumping it or swallowing it or using it to repair a hole in your shoe. Often, a jacker will work himself up in an attempt to time his orgasm with the model on screen, and this can lead to an explosively pleasurable experience between viewer and performer. But what's more annoying than finding cat puke in your slipper? A cum shot that doesn't deliver.

Think about how many times you've been watching a total hottie spank his meat for you from every angle, teasing you and getting you all hot and bothered to the point that you just can't wait to see that beautiful thick creamy alfredo sauce shoot to the moon and drench your screen. And then consider how many times the cum shot is a total letdown. It can totally take the fire out of a scene and leave you cold. Typical examples of cum shots gone wrong:

- it takes the model forever to cum, so the director cuts away for a few minutes, but when he cuts back, he isn't properly prepared and you miss part of the cum shot, or the camera is shaking about to the point that you can't tell what the fuck is happening.

- the model jacks off way too much either in life or porn which cuts down on his semen supply and the intensity of the orgasm. So by the time he cums, he's got nothing more than a little dribble of snot; no spurting, no twitching, just a runny nose.

- the angle of the shot is so poor or bizarre that a penis which seconds ago looked angelic now looks small and weird because of where the camera is placed, and the resulting cum shot isn't thrilling because it's simply not photogenically right. This is particularly irritating when you've just watched 15 minutes of gorgeous camera work that captured every vein and bump on that dick, only for the angle to suddenly change to a shitty view for the cum shot.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: there is no damn excuse for botched cum shots. Everything in a porn scene is building up to that moment. Even if everything else in the scene stinks, the cum shot has to be something substantial, or it was all for nothing. My advice to producers and directors: pull your heads out of your shit-encrusted bungs and pay attention to your craft! Be prepared for the cum shot and have that camera ready. Use angles that make the dick look sexy on video, not weird because you've got the camera upside down or something. And shut the fuck up when the models cums. The last thing I want to hear is some schmuck cooing and cawing about the cum shot which pulls the viewer completely out of the moment. And if you don't demand that the models avoid having an orgasm before the shoot for at least two days to ensure maximum spurtage, then you're a dummy. Yes, I know some folks aren't spurters at all'and maybe they shouldn't be in the porn business, eh?

I hate to say it, but generally speaking, straight porn has always been far better at delivering exceptional cum shots. They usually get intense close-ups, huge volumes of semen, and wet sticky faces that are loving every second of it. And you don't miss a millimeter of that cockmeat on camera. Yet we all know that gay men are much better at cock action, so I think porn producers need to prove it by showing us what a real money shot is. So let's see it!



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