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When picking couples for porn scenes, is there some kind of rule that demands the bigger guy HAS to always be the top?

My primary goal in pairing up models is to make the scene the best it can be, and that always means making sure the each participant is comfortable in the role they play. Just because a model thinks of himself as versatile, if he's a good bottom, but a mediocre top, he should not be forced to be the top just because it might look better.

I think we all have a stereotype that tops have to be the more manly one, because, of course, the role of a bottom is stereotyped as being more more feminine. Along with that, we also stereotype the bigger, taller guy always "should" be the top because for some reason it "looks" better that way. It's the same with ballroom dancing. We subconsciously think the taller one should be the lead, and it gets even more problematic if it's a mixed gender couple dancing and the male is shorter. It just doesn't look right, regardless of who is better at leading and following.

I ran into this situation with Noah Paris and Lance Navarro. Lance is 4 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier, but Noah insisted that he is 100% top. The two got along great, and even wrote to me about doing a repeat performance. But is it just me or does it look strange to see the smaller guy on top? Visit Lavender Lounge and see for yourself.

On a side note, Noah has a 10" cock and Lance has merely a diminutive 9" cock, so does the unwritten rule about the taller, beefier guy being on top get negated when comparing dick size? Does dick size trump everything else? If so, then there should be no problem with matching the slender Noah Paris withe the taller, beefier Lance, right?

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