It seems like most straight guys feel that since Transsexuals have cocks, gay men must be into them. I've had this conversation with friends and co-workers, but they don't seem to get it. Funny thing is that most of the guys I know who are into trannies are straight, and that makes sense to me. After all, when you go cruising, you go cruising for a guy. A MAN. Not a beautiful woman with big tits. When you're at the gym or the bar, you don't even know what's under those shorts. Do we really even know for sure when looking at a chick in a leotard that she might have 7 inches tucked backwards so no one can see?

Just because a Transsexual has some male parts does not make her a man. And just because a gay guy is into cock does not make him feel attraction for a chick with a dick. After all, besides the dick, we're talking about a chick.


Okay, MTF transsexuals may have started out life as males, but take a look at this pic. Sure, she has a cock and balls, and yes - the cock is hard. But come on - admit it. You wouldn't even know she was a Transsexual if she were eating at a resturaunt. And I admit it - some gay guys are curious about transsexuals. Why not? It's a free world and we're all into different stuff.


But the bottom line is chicks like these from Tranny Surprise are too real, too female. Those long nails, big tits, made-up faces that look a lot more like supermodels than like the guys at the gym. I suppose that's why so many more straight guys I know end up fucking Transsexuals while gay men prefer to fuck and suck men!


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