Shayne is without a doubt your typical guy next door and Blake Mason love to bring out the best in dudes like him. Of course, boy door next door or not. Their guys must be well hung as well as willing and able to keep the meat hard and entertaining for us. Shayne has no problem in either department as we take a little tour of him stroking his swollen red member. He is quite fair-skinned and skinny. But he exudes a raw sexually energy that is most welcome any day of the week in my opinion. Besides, not every guy on the menu has to be roided out and looking as though he just got released from prison. LOL.


Shayne's intently focused on the task at hand by the looks of it, And why not when you're sporting a fine piece of man love like he is. Love how his scrotum stretches and turns all pink and purple from his firm grip.


Nice ball shot! I had to include this one. So many times we see cocks and asses and chests and such. It's refreshing to catch a glimpse of a sweet looking glistening set of nuts like Shayne's. Do they make your mouth water? I'm drooling away here.


There we go with more balls. I could eat them for days! Blake Mason bring you some of the best amateur strokers on the worldwide web. And they keep delivering them without so much as a hitch. You know where to go if you need more.

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