RuPaul's Drag Race Pit Crew member and professional piece of eye candy Shawn Morales is Willam's model in this episode of Billam's Wheatdown. Now the in joke is that Willam used to have a web series on The Stylish YouTube channel called Willam's Beatdown but that stopped (probably because Willam did something violational or something, who knows) so now he has a somehow even lower brow series on his own channel called Billam's Wheatdown. In this episode, Willam (and assistant Tranna White, aka Courtney Act who you 99% chance will see on RPDR Season 6), demo fake hair. And Shawn gets extensions where nobody has ever gotten extensions. Not even Jessica Simpson's supposedly gay dad. Okay, maybe him. Enjoy!

The eye candy stuff is more in the first half of the video, but it's all high lare. Bonus points if you can sneak a peak of the top 2% of Shawn's pussy splitter. Or whatever he does with it on his off time.

By the way, it's not in smell-o-vision, but know that Shawn is into the natural scent thing. Everywhere. At all times. Yum?

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