Everyone else is talking about the new queens on season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race (especially here in Seattle where finally one of our own made the show). But I'm all about Shawn Morales. No, he's not one of the queens. Rather, he's one of the two-man "Pit Crew" who act as Vanna White-like eye candy in different challenges and photoshoots. The camera knows just how to linger on the Pit Crew guys (the other being Jason Carter), showing them off in their standard outfit of underwear. Yes, just underwear. And Logo TV is not afraid to show some crotch jiggle, either. The underwear brands are featured so prominently that I expect there is a product placement deal, as in place product on bulge.

The gossip is that Shawn had his gym membership revoked because of member complaints over his ripeness. So those of you who are into hairy, natural-smelling muscle dudes have a new icon. In advance of his crotch coming to you again each week starting January 28 (visuals only, not smell-o-vision), here are some shots of him outside of his normal Drag Race duties. I'd bring you his fellow Pit Crew member Jason Carter, but he hasn't exposed himself outside the show quite as widely as, to be clear, non-porn star Shawn.

Shawn spends a lot of time in WeHo (as do many of the show's queens) if you're hoping to see him out and about. WeHo, btw, is the ancient Mayan word for West Hollywood.

Shawn Morales

Shawn Morales 2

Shawn Morales 3

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