Damn I love big black dicks. Love the way they taste, the way they look, and the way they grow inside your mouth as you do your tongue magic on them. Bobby loves black meat too. And it would appear as though Shawn is more than willing to accommodate him. NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN love black cocks as well and know that we do too! Bobby gets right down on Shawn's splendid ebony bone and brings about a wonderful ejaculation that is a must see!


Wow, Shawn is some cute ebony stud, aint' he? He just turned 30 and has never been blown by a guy. By the looks of how he's got a hold of Bobby's head and how engorged his big prick is, I'd say he's enjoying it thoroughly!


Bobby has a nice hold on that big black pole. He's a lucky boy to be able to chow down on that luscious meat. Shawn has really nice legs and feet too! Hell, the guy's just meant to be serviced. I think Bobby feels the same way by proof of his dedication to getting his hung partner off.


Now tell me all that cum doesn't look delicious. I always eat a guy's semen. It's one of nature's many wonders and really shouldn't be wasted by any means in my opinion. Love the smile on both these cuties' faces. Must have been some fun! NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN can give you all the big dicks, smiles and cum you can handle. Why not indulge yourself?

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