Shaved Cocks

Shaved Cocks (for the ladies) is the full title here, and you will need to be prepared to see some 'lady-bits' if you're going to take a look at the rather wonderful shaved dicks of some straight guys. This is an image blog with 14 pages at the moment, and each page holds a collection of random cock shots from all over the place. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones.cock that are hard and standing proud, dicks that are waiting to spring into life, some that are just about inside some pussy, others that are erupting - but all shaved and hairless. It is definitely an adult site, and you are warned about that before you enter. But it's also a mix of a blog site. You've got erotica and some arty images, some close up shots and some that are just plain porn. In color and in black and white, if it's shaved and a penis then it is going to make it on these pages. A good place for a quick perv, as long as you don't mind the straight sex.

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