Shane and Jackson are two of the hottest guys at College Dudes 24/7. Shane is a 22 year old college senior as well as being a voracious top, and Jackson is 20 with a gorgeous ass, sexy eyes, and big dick. Obviously this was going to be one hell of a match! The guys were really hot for each other - they started groping each other even before the cameras were rolling. By the time the cameras were on, Shane and Jackson were both hot, hard and horny as they played with each others' cocks.

Once these two college boys get naked, the room sizzles with the heat between them. Jackson really knows how to suck dick, and he can't wait to get started sucking on Shane's rigid staff.


Being sucked isn't enough to satisfy Shane - he wants to fuck Jackson's ass! Jackson mounts Shane's pole and Shane pushes Jackson down till his cock is deep inside Jackson's hungry hole.


What follows is a hard ass-plowing as Shane fucks Jackson, ramming him again and again with his tool till Jackson is groaning and pushing against Shane's cock to make every thrust count!


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