It is amusing to me that many people think humanity has progressed so elegantly on the subject of racial discrimination. While it's true that we've evolved in leaps and bounds and that discrimination certainly isn't what it used to be, at the same time, I think we continue to be racist by our very nature. For every politically correct statement or gesture that is made to ensure that racism is not encouraged, there's an outrageous episode of hate and bigotry that occurs. The recent ranting of actor Michael Richards makes it more clear than ever. But because the world is so touchy feely now, all Mr. Richards has to do is say, 'Oh golly, I don't know where that came from. I'm not a racist! I'm now going to start a healing process'. A healing process? What the fuck ever, dude.

In regard to porn, I don't feel that there is necessarily intentional racism going on (that's a tad extreme), but it's hard to ignore the fact that there is still a separation of color. Keep in mind that I'm speaking generally here. I know there are porn vids that include interracial stuff, but if you take a look around, there ain't a lot of it. Think about it. You can find sites dedicated to Latin guys, African guys, Asian guys, even Middle Eastern guys. But how often do you see an Asian guy with a white guy, or a black guy with an Asian guy, or a Latin guy sucking off a black guy while he's getting fucked by an Asian guy, and any number of combinations you can dream up. For the most part, if you want to see hot Asian boys, you're only going to find them in Asian-specific porn and rarely in mainstream porn. The same is true of black guys; there just aren't that many vids featuring black guys getting it on with dudes of other races. Since there are plenty of black people in the world, I fail to understand why they are still segregated to their own corner. We know there are lots of white guys who love black guys and vice versa, so why aren't we seeing more of it?

It is not my intention to make a political or social statement or to accuse a single soul of racial shenanigans. This is basically just an observation and an open question, because it is very clear that porn definitely has color barriers. If the doors were opened a bit more, think of all the glorious naughtiness we could see. For instance, I would like to see a hot black guy with a 10-inch dick being serviced by a cute little 19-year blonde twinkie, complete with extreme close-ups and a facial. I would like to see a studly Latin guy screw the shit out of an adorable little Asian twink while a Saudi Arabian boytoy sucks his peepee. I would like to see a full-blown orgy containing 15 guys, each of different nationality and color. There is so much potential to show us hot stuff we've never seen before, yet nobody's taking the initiative.

When it comes to Web sites that provide new vids each week of solos and duos, if you review video archives and make an assessment, you'll see that most sites have only white boys (or almost only), some Latin boys (often multi-racial rather than full-blooded men from Latin America or Mexico), but usually zero Asian or black boys. Oh, you might get one or two, but that's it. Doesn't that seem fishy to anyone? I suppose porn producers would use the same argument that Hollywood film producers use: 'Well, there just aren't that many black actors out there'. I think there's a fair number of black actors as well as actors of other nationalities who would disagree. There are black actors and black aspiring porn performers, but is anyone giving them a break? If you look at the numbers, it would appear not.

Again, for the record, this editorial is not a rant about racism, nor is it a conviction of porn producers. It is my attempt to raise an issue and a big fat question mark as to why porn continues to be more or less segregrated into respective corners. I encourage both professional and amateur porn producers to respond with a note on this subject. All perspectives are valuable. In the meantime, let's hope that we see more shades of color and culture in our porn instead of the same old tightie whities. Porn is, believe it or not, an art form (don't laugh!), and nearly all art forms require lots of colors working together to present an image or an idea to inspire others. So let's splash the paint around, boys.



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