Something for the Weekend: Soap Up A Naked Guy

Lather, rinse and repeat. It's not just s shampoo direction, it's a lifestyle choice. The rinse and repeat part anyhow, as that's the name of a shower simulator by some techno-kinkster naked Robert Yang. And it's free.

Way cheaper than it would cost to go to an actual locker room shower and find a guy who really wants you to soap him up. Plus is especially difficult to find a guy with perfectly pixellated genitals like these fellas. That pixellation is because Rinse & Repeat is a free download but with donations accepted and Paypal won't abide by unpixellated penises because some crap reason. But oh well, just imagine it as shower fog. Little squares of shower fog.

So check out this insanity.

I'm not sure if there's an option to pee on the guy you're soaping up. But you can pee on your screen if you want and maybe he'll notice.

Is this sort of along the lines of "bro job" which I guess is straight guys giving each other head. It's not gay to want a guy to soap you up. After all, women aren't allowed in the men's locker room, just other men and killer clowns (if you've seen that horrible movie).

You could potentially bypass downloading the app and find some real guy to soap up. Like Justin Theroux maybe. If I say his name enough, will he notice? Oh fuck it. Giving up on my celebrity crush now. Maybe I can be his waiter some day though. Not for food though. I'll bring him something else. Something interactive. Like this game. I'll bring him a bar of soap, some water and my pixellated penis. Bitch can soap me up.

Try the app for yourself (tech requirements at the link). Download at your own risk.

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