Sherry Vine and Peppermint have the Weather Girls classic "It's Raining Men" as "It's Raining Men" starring trans men. No, they didn't call out "It's Raining Trans Men" which is maybe because they were unsure how to rewrite the lyrics but more likely because they are asserting simply that trans men are men, no qualifier needed.

This is a guess because Sherry Vine has never been intimidated about rewriting lyrics, thus Grindr Queen (parody of Dancing Queen) and Menopause (parody of Applause), all on her channel, and I don't mean ABC. Unless ABC stands for absolutely beautiful cunt.

Now it's no competition vocally for the actual Weather Girls of course, but both videos have delightfully cheesy sets. Though Gene Anthony Ray (of the movie and TV show Fame), was a featured dancer in the Weather Girls video, so that's a permanent win.

So as fall hits and the the rain hits, just pretend it's raining men. If you play your cards right, maybe it will be.

And as the joke goes, being bi doubles your chance of a date on a Saturday night (or something like that). So being open to both cis and trans men doubles your chance of finding a man. Okay, maybe not doubles, but increases. And we could all use increased chances of finding a match, whoever we are.

Keep your eyes open this weekend and maybe you'll end up keeping your zipper open this weekend.

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