And the award for Advanced Use of Go-Go Boys in Video Entertainment goes to Jinkx Monsoon's Hold On JMX GlitterMix. With special Newcomer Go-Go Boy Award to Random Dirty Drunk Hippie Guy (who someone manages to look dirty while having pristinely clean undewsear).

No, Jinkx isn't selling out from her theater/cabaret thing with some typical dance track. It has more of an Alison Moyet feel and theater takes many forms anyhow. And it's part of Jinkx's ReAnimated EP, available on iTunes. Clever dance remixes of songs from Jinkx's prior The Inevitable Album.

She won't be breaking into the Top 40 anytime soon, but that's not the point. RuPaul can't even do that anymore (except on dance charts). It's about directly finding your audience, being on people's personal top 40 lists.

And it's about a world in which people will cream their pants over a gay character in a hit ensemble show (even if the character is incidentally gay, not that there's anything wrong with that), but all the while people won't buy original creative content from queer performers, Sam Smith excluded.

You don't need Rihanna to be your diva. You have some more homegrown choices, shall we say.

So yeah, it is a pretty cheesy video, but still fun. My favorite part (besides when she tries to pull down the hippie's undies) is when the go-go boys (or porn stars or both) show off some rather tedious dance skills but I don't care because they're still hot. I like when a guy's hotness means he can lack in other areas. I love that! Opens up a world of possibilities. Thankx Jinkx!

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