Which is better: naked or clothed? Spoiler alert: it's not always naked that's better. Take for example how a guy look on a first date vs. later on the first date (or on the 5th date if that's your/his pace) when he's naked. Sometimes jeans are really flattering and not having jeans on isn't. Plus there's the whole unfortunate tattoo thing.

So with wrestling, kinda sexless nudist wrestling just can't compete to kinda cheesy vintage fake erotic wrestling. In my opinion that is. And I'm right about everything, including the things I'm wrong about. Though once I take my clothes off, I am then wrong about everything, including the things I'm right about. Logic is weird, especially naked logic.

Make up your own mind though.

Do you prefer this?

Or this?

Not sure which, then how about this?


Still not sure (or just into wrestling), here are a bunch more wrestling videos to browse. Nudity optional (for you, not them).

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