Time for a backstage peek at an underwear fashion shoot. I cannot attest to how good this brand is, just that it exists and that this video is well-timed to musical accents. This underwear knows its cues. A good reminder that when stripping down with a fella, time the removal of each item to a musical crescendo.

This may prove especially challenging if you're having sex in a Muzak-filled elevator or dentist's office. Soft adult contemporary pop instrumentals generally lack crescendos.

Here's a less slickly produced behind the scenes from four years ago, where you can see the normally unseen: ab makeup application. Ha!

And here's something more recent, in which you see what a gym would look like if men worked out in their underwear. While that's been a fantasy of mine, the reality of it is quite something else. I'm going with silly. Maybe it's the sneakers underwear combo that pushes it over?

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